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It's killing me to see you<3

i'll keep my jealosy close cause its all mine
12 March
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[Nickname] Mi
[Screen name]summerstars312
[B-day] march 12
[Zodiac Sign] Pisces
[Status] single
[Religion] Catholic
[Hair]Ligh brown
[Eyes]greenish blue
[Height] 5'3
[Siblings] 1 brother. who wants christa fiore.
[Parents still together?] yep

My Favorite is...
[animal]i dont know.
[soda]mountain dew.
[book]the notebook.
[band]taking back sunday
[song]twenty below(hidden in plain view) all hail the heartbreaker(the spill canvas)

Have you ever...
[lied?] duh
[had a crush] i wish for longer than a week..
[cheat on someone]nope.
[killed someone]nope.
[got in a fight w/ someone]psh yes.
[who]anyone who gets me mad im just like. die bitch. especiall eastlongmeadow sluts.
[considered killing yourself] nah. but i almost like died before. in florida. i almost fell of the rollercoaster.
[considered jumping of a building]nooo.. haha
[cried over a person]yup.
[cried over a girl]not really
[cried over a boy]yea.
[been in love] i dont know. its possible

[current feeling]bored
[current thought]like a bunch of things.
[current event]im going to basketball in 45 minutes.
[current crush]if this one isnt obiovus..i dont even have to say
[current music on] bike scene-tbs

Love life
[first love]yea.
[who?]nick massa thanks.
[first kiss]mike frantiskaaaa
[obssesion] beanie babies. lol i was obsessed with those things.
[does he know]yeah. i was like. do me.

The Last time..
[last person u think about at nite]i forget. i was watchign tv.
[last person u talked to on the phone]im like not allowed to use the phone...but abbie
[last thing you ate/drank?]doritos and pepsi
[last person you laughed at] mean girls